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​We strive to provide reliable and reliable support for both business and travel.​
Travel Survice Manager
Yae Nagano

Business Solutions Survice Manager

Kavi Bhushan

After working for an Indian travel agency for about 4 years in Japan, moved to India. He has lived in India for 15 years. Planning and hosting local experiences and exchange-type tours in Hindi, which is his specialty. Held an Indian home cooking class [Indian Home Cooking Study Group Maa] for Japanese people. Also active as a writer in Tabitatsu Magazine and AG.



Namaste ~, this is Yaei from Kirara Travel.

India is a mysterious and powerful country. I am one of those people who have been fascinated by India and Indians. that is

I'm sure there is a rich culture and customs. I want you to know and like India like that.

I'm planning and hosting a tour. If you like India, maybe you will like it in the future? In India

I am looking forward to seeing you.

Obtained Level 3 of the Japanese test. Travel agency business experience 15 years. After working for India's major travel agency SITA (currently TOMAS COOK INDIA), Swiss travel agency KOUNI (currently TOMAS COOK INDIA), and India's major travel agency TWX, he became independent in 2017. Supporting Japanese business in India for about 8 years.


Nice to meet you, my name is Kirara Travel mold.

We believe that what is important for a businessman is trust, sincerity, and prompt response. It's always my heart

We would like to support you all.

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