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Kirara  Travel & Bussines Solutions   --About us
Kirara Travel And Business Solutions

With Indians who have a wealth of experience in Japanese business

With Japanese people who know India thoroughly, we provide total support for Japanese business operations, tourism, and daily life, and strive to improve the quality required in each situation.

Indian with extensive experience familiar with Japanese business, We are supporting total business activities, sightseeing, and living in Japan with Japanese people who knew India well, and we are striving to improve the necessary quality in each scene.

In the business field, Japanese businessmen are good at necessary information and arrangements, aiming for reliable, secure, accurate and prompt response. In addition to making necessary local arrangements such as arranging airline tickets and private cars, we also provide consulting services for those who want to start a business in India, research in each industry, and create articles on culture and customs.

In business places, Japanese businessmen are good at information and arranging necessary, aiming for reliable, secure, accurate and prompt response. In addition to necessary local arrangements such as arranging air tickets and special cars, we are also preparing articles such as consulting work for individuals aiming for entrepreneurship in India, research in each industry, cultures and customs.

In travel , we are good at arranging travel all over India and overseas, as well as local cultural exchange tours around Delhi where you can experience real India with a Japanese guide. We can also arrange hotels, transportation, and Japanese guides for travelers.

In traveling, I am good at arranging all over India and traveling abroad, as well as locally cultural exchange tours that are not elsewhere that you can experience real India by Japanese guides around Delhi. Please leave hotel and transportation necessary for travelers, arrangement of Japanese guide etc

Kavi Bhushan

Business Solutions Survice Manager

Yae Nagano

Travel Survice Manager

Obtained Level 3 of the Japanese test. Travel agency business experience 15 years. Indian travel agency SITA (currently THOMAS COOK INDIA), Swiss travel agency KOUNI (currently THOMAS COOK INDIA), Indian travel agency TRAVEL  After leaving WORLD EX, became independent in 2017. Supporting Japanese business in India for about 8 years.

Acquired Japanese Language Proficiency Grade 3. Travel agency business history 15 years. India travel agency SITA (now THOMAS COOK INDIA), Swiss travel agency KOUNI (now THOMAS COOK INDIA), India travel agency TRAVEL WORLD EX to Independence in 2017. Supporting Japanese business in India about 8 years ago.


Nice to meet you, my name is KIRARA TRAVEL mold.

We believe that what is important for business people is trust, sincerity, and prompt response. I will always keep that in mind and support everyone.

Kavi  support your

Bu ssiness Solutions Survices

After working for an Indian travel agency for about 4 years in Japan, moved to India. He has lived in India for 15 years. Planning and hosting local experiences and exchange-type tours in Hindi, which is his specialty. Held an Indian home cooking class [Indian Home Cooking Study Group Maa] for Japanese people. Also active as a writer in Tabitatsu Magazine and AG.

After working for about 4 years in India, traveled to India. I live in India for 15 years. Planning and hosting local experiences and interactive tours in good Hindi language. For the Japanese, Indian home cooking class [India home cooking study meeting Maa] is held. I am also working as a writer at Tabitatsu magazine and AG.


Namaste ~, this is Yaei from Kirara Travel.

India is a mysterious and powerful country. I am one of those people who have been fascinated by India and Indians. That's because there is a rich culture and customs. We are planning and hosting tours with the desire to know and like India. If you like India, maybe you will like it in the future? I am looking forward to seeing you in India.

Yae  support your

Travel tour & Events

about us
Bussines Solution Survices

We will lead your Business to Success

As the number of Japanese and business travelers residing in India increases, information is still insufficient in India. We will support your business concerns and anxieties with trust and prompt response.

Survice 01
Air Ticket Reservation

Airline ticket reservation (arrangement of domestic and overseas airline ticket reservations for business trips and travel)

Survice  02 02
Hotel Booking

Hotel reservation (business trip, travel domestic and overseas hotel reservation arrangement)

Survice  03 03

Transportation reservations (arrangement of reservations for private cars and trains during business trips and travels)

Survice  04 04
Support Support
Survice  05 05
Support Support

VISA, FRRO (VISA, FRRO procedure support in each country)

Japanese support for business and daily life (meeting hall, Japanese interpreter, Japanese escort arrangement, consultation for problems in daily life )

Survice  06 06

Consulting (consulting related to entrepreneurship, management, and operation)

Survice 07
Support Support

Insurance arrangements, Japanese language support (life insurance and travel insurance arrangements, and Japanese language support at hospitals)

Survice  08 08

Research (support for collecting and providing information in each industry)

Survice  09 09
Report Report

Article creation (writer work on Indian culture and customs)

Travel Tour & Event
We will support your happy life

The charm of India is its unique and profound culture and customs that are completely different from Japan, and here is the origin of human beings that we have forgotten. For some reason, such charm gives us nostalgic power. We have many such tours that you will love and want to visit again.

Kirara Travel Blog
We will show you wonderful india 

Even everyday things in India are mysterious, exciting and interesting to us. There are dramas and stories in various situations.

We will introduce the culture, life and daily life of India and Indians on our blog.


Indian Home Cooking Study Group Maa

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